Spotify Concept: Creating memories with collaborative queues

What Spotify does for Users

  1. It gives users like me more control to customize their music than the radio does
  2. Users get access to millions of streamable songs with or without a subscription
  1. Users don’t see self-made playlists as the easiest way…(“it’s too tedious”)
  2. …Or the most organized way to curate their music (“I end up just creating one large playlist”)
  3. Users explore new music with Spotify-made playlists, rather from friends (“repetition is boring”)

Potential Gamechangers?

Tackling the Problem

  • The collaborative queue: multiple users add to the same queue
  • Archive songs within the playlist: auto-skip songs if they are archived
  • Play from multiple playlists: shuffle play from more than one playlist
Collaborative Queue sketch

My Proposed Solution 💡

Entering the Realm of Visual Design

Introducing the Prototype





@cornell / writing casually, creatively, and (sometimes) professionally

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Renee Hoh

Renee Hoh

@cornell / writing casually, creatively, and (sometimes) professionally

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