One of my co-founders, Han, started many mornings with a cup of coffee and an inbox full of customer emails. However, he didn’t always have the time to meticulously craft email replies. That’s when the idea of using artificial intelligence to automate email responses first materialized.

Today, my team and I launched Promptly, a CRM tool that uses company knowledge bases to instantly automate replies to customer emails. Despite many sleepless nights and bottles of sweet tea, we genuinely couldn’t have launched on Product Hunt without “The Office”.

Where does “The Office” come in?

We were committed to the idea, the research, and the technology. But…

Whenever I’m faced with a long walk to class or tedious amount of studying, I open my Spotify app. Boredom is my poison, and a good Spotify playlist is my antidote.

It’s easy when it’s just myself. But when I get together with friends, it can be difficult to gauge what music is fitting for the mood. Everyone wants to DJ, but at the same time, it’s awkward to take turns playing songs even if we want to share our music with each other. It also seems unrealistic to create a playlist on the spot to appease everyone. More often…

Renee Hoh

@cornell / writing casually, creatively, and (sometimes) professionally

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